Link 19 Sep Interview: Edward James Olmos discusses Adama’s leadership style in ‘Battlestar Galactica’»
Link 16 Sep Interview: Edward James Olmos discusses Adama’s leadership style in ‘Battlestar Galactica’»
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A full playlist of the tracks in the 7-track release by geek pop singer-songwriter Meri Amber, the ‘Super EP’. See for more information, upcoming shows, blog and social media links.

Super EP
Meri Amber
Produced by John Vella
Released September 20th, 2014

1. My Superman 3:19
2. Boobs 3:18
3. Kudos 4:02
4. Friday Viral 3:40
5. Sum Of Us 3:07
6. Nothing’s In Your Way 3:38
7. We (Bonus Acoustic Track) 2:29

Rap Break, enjoy a nerd pop album that the establishment* nerd media is calling out as not nerdy enough.

*=not really a thing, but it’s funny to see blogs be skeptical and exclusionary when that’s the biggest problems nerds face: exclusion.

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Link 4 Aug 924 notes Translation of Hawkeye #19, the sign language issue»


So here is the translation of issue #19.

Pleeeeeeeease read the comic before you read the rest of this. The idea of this particular issue is that you don’t understand everything. Some things are explicitly signed (in the boxes without faces), others are actually part of a…

via Ask Clint.
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Link 4 Aug 164 notes A Deaf Review of Hawkeye's Deaf Issue»


Deaf Clinton reviews Deaf Clint

via Ask Clint.

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